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"I wanted to thank you Craig, Silver Lion and Aaron for helping so many of our members to have hope. Hope in the fact that one day they will pay off their student debt, hope that one day maybe now they can own a home and hope in the fact that one day maybe they can get their credit score up. We are totally grateful. One of our members has been paying on her student loan since the 70's but Aaron took the time with her and she was so excited to tell me in other words that she can see light at the end of the tunnel…Thank you again for being here at such a time as this in the world to give people hope and thank you for employing Great men like Aaron who patiently and passionately wants to assist others to financial freedom. We appreciate you all."

- Marilyn B.

"Silver Lion made my loan consolidation process seamless and painless while being available for any of my questions or concerns. It had making my issues seem more manageable and easier to manage on my time and schedule Thank you Silver Lion!"

-Sean B.

"I wanted to thank you for being so informed and leading my wife & I thru the maze of programs and getting us the best program available to meet our specific needs, financing & situation. You’re the best."

-Lou & Lynne C.

"Lori was an awesome person to work with. She is very personable, professional, and full of a wealth of valuable information. I think every company needs a Lori! Thank you again Lori for all your assistance in answering all my questions and assisting me with my needs."

-Patricia E.

"I give Rebecca Haas a 5 star rating. I called having two default loans and one I was paying on. She jumped right in and told me what they could do to help. Rebecca would call me back in reasonable time was kind a I don't have to worry about my wages getting garnished."

- Michael W.

"Brandon helped me realize that I qualified for some pretty great deals, which I was grateful for. After initially paying larger amounts, Silver Lion helped bring my monthly payment down considerably."

- Rebecca H.

"I just want to say thank you again for everything! You are awesome, you handled everything within a timely manner, you answered all my crazy questions and with quick responses! I will recommend you and only you to people that I know. You are great with communication and figuring things out! You awesome and I appreciate you! "

-Elizabeth R.

"My experience with Silver Lion was great, they helped me through the process of getting my loans consolidated and getting a payment to which I could afford. I did not mind their fee as it took the hassle out of me doing everything since I am old."

-Jodoris D.

"When my loans were in default, Silver Lion helped me get my loans back on track and in good standing in about 5 weeks, the debt collector wanted to take 9 months for me to get out of default. I am so grateful that I fell upon this company."

-Brandon D.

"Oh goodness, where do I start? Silver Lion was the best thing that could've happened to me since retiring from my 42 years of service with a national company who also was one of the best companies to work for. When I decided to retire I was very concerned about the debt that I would carry with me into my retirement. My wife insisted that I look into your program and what happens. We were blessed to have you, Stephanie was assigned to our account. YOU made it very easy, stress-free, and answered all of my questions with such confidence and professionalism. For that, I thank you. I look forward to hearing from and know that I will need to rely on you to keep me on target."

-Robert C.

"Silver Lion is amazing it is saving me so much money and the process was really fast. I’m so glad I found you guys. Thank you so much for all of your help! I definitely would recommend this company to people with student loans."

-Elizabeth P

"My experience with Silver Lion was great, they helped me through the process of getting my loans consolidated and getting a payment to which I could afford. I did not mind their fee as it took the hassle out of me doing everything since I am old."

-Jodoris D.

"So first off I would like to give a BIG thank you to Brandon for all the help and patience he had with helping me in this process!! Everyone I talked to was nothing but nice, understanding and very eager to help me. Also Silver Lion and they're employees were very understanding and patient with my payments, Which was a huge help and stress reliever. Not to mention this helped me to be able to get my tax returns without my student loan debt affecting them! I can say with no doubt I am more than happy with Silver Lion and all they have done for me in the past few months. THANK YOU!"

-Mckenna E

"I just want to thank you for all your help, you were there for all my questions. I am happy you are my student loan agent, I would recommend you to anyone that needs help with their student loan payments. Thank you so very much for everything."

Nicoletta M.

" I just want to say thank you so much!! You’ve been a big help to me assisting me with getting my loans straightened out. You were amazing, professional and very knowledgeable!! I truly appreciate you following up with me and seeing things through. Thanks again!"

Nadine M.

" I had a great experience and great advisor. I was in default and they help get my loans out of default in less than 6 weeks and into an income driven plan which helped my credit and allowed me to get more loans to go back to school and finish my degree."

Laura M.

"Cindy was $71,000.00 in student loan debt, after being taken advantage of by multiple companies promising to help her with her student loans, she finally gave us a call out of desperation. She went from defaulting on a $811 monthly payment to a new, low, monthly payment of $168! She has now freed up her finances so now she is able to live a life without worrying which monthly bill she can or cannot pay every month. "

"Adam was paying $101.39 month for a 25 year term on his student loans, we were able to get him a payment of ONLY $11 month for 20 years and save him over $97,000 in student loan forgiveness. "

"My advisor was all around great help showed willingness to assist and go the extra mile to ensure that I was able to get the best deal available which really help me more than what’s understood Stephanie help now allowed me to get my student loans paid in full and now I’m able to get my federal taxes and now me and my daughter are now have a car again all thanks to Stephanie L Murillo I greatly appreciate ya!"

-Rayshad J

"I joined Silver Lion by mistake actually thinking I was contacting another agency. Best mistake I ever made! Brandon was really helpful in helping me understand my loan and the process for it being forgiven. He answered all of my questions and concerns. They always answer your phone calls, as well as make themselves available. I've already recommended a friend of mine to Silver Lion because of what they did for me to help with my loans and fix my credit. I recommend Silver Lion to anyone who is tired of student loan debt holding them back!"

-Juan F.

"Silver Lion Student Loan Advisors made the process of consolidating my student loans quick and easy. Brandon was very helpful in answering all my questions and got back to me quickly when I called with additional questions throughout the process. When the process was complete, it saved me over $300 a month! I was very happy with their services."

-Matt L.

"Silver Lion, especially my advisor Stephanie, did an excellent job on getting my student loans out of default making me eligible to go back to school. Her one-on-one council was so helpful; plus it only took 5 weeks total! They were diligent and effective and definitely knew their business. I am thoroughly satisfied with their services and will recommend it to all. I am 50 years old and going back to college. Yahoo!"

-Charles O.

"Silver Lion was great in helping me get my student loans out of default. It was quick and easy to use and they even offer payment plans. I would recommend Silver Lion to everyone who needs help with their student loans. Thank you again!"

-Valentina P.

"From the very beginning Brandon has taken care of my account, helping me in every way that he could since things have been tough for me. He is always listening to what my problems have been and finding ways to help me. This was very useful now and will continue to be in the future!"

-Alan M.

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